About Clare

About Clare



Clare is a Peak Pilates® Comprehensive Certified Instructor.  Peak Pilates® is an internationally recognized Pilates certification program.  This includes:

  • Peak Pilates® Advanced Mat Certified Instructor
  • Peak Pilates® Level I, II and III Certified Instructor (includes Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrel)
  • Peak Pilates® Comprehensive Certified Instructor
  • Peak Pilates® MvE Chair Certified Instructor
  • Mad Dogg Spinning® Certified Instructor
  • BarreAmped® Certified Instructor

Clare started taking Pilates ten years ago after learning that strengthening her core could relieve chronic lower back pain. Clare had been a swimmer in high school and college and switched to running and weight training after graduation.   Despite remaining physically active and fit, her back pain began to affect her everyday life.  After just a few months of consistent Pilates exercise, her lower back pain vanished.   The transformation that Pilates gave her body was remarkable.  She was no longer plagued by back pain; her body changed to be fluid and strong.  

Shortly after her own practice began, she committed to become a certified instructor so that she could help others realize their own transformation.  Clare chose internationally known Peak Pilates® to obtain her certification.  Peak Pilates® provides comprehensive equipment and mat certification for all levels of Pilates exercises and focuses on the anatomy of movement in the Classical Pilates Method.  Clare is a Peak Comprehensive Pilates Instructor, which covers beginner through to the highest level of Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Classical Chair and Barrel, MVE chair, Barre Pilates and Spinning®.  She utilizes props in mat classes and equipment sessions to deepen the body’s connections in Pilates practice and to provide a greater challenge or, if need be, a modification for clients.  Clare has worked with clients of all ages and fitness levels, including professional and collegiate athletes and those who have begun their practice after ending Physical Therapy for an injury or physical ailment.   

Clare values the education Peak Pilates® and Mad Dogg Spinning® provides.  Not only was she taught each exercise with the precision that Joseph himself demanded, but she learned to observe the subtlety to human movement which allows her to tailor a session to address each client’s individual need.  The goal is to balance strength and flexibility for optimal movement.