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Pilates Classes

Pilates Mat - Beyond Beginner  

Each class will work to balance all muscle groups’ strength and flexibility, with an emphasis on challenging the core muscles with each movement.   Classes will blend the Classical Pilates Method with exercise variations and by using props and light weights.   Modifications are suggested for beginners or for those with physical limitations.  Pilates mat is a challenging yet safe method to sculpt your body and to feel increased agility in your every day movements. 

Pilates Stick ALL LEVELS

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Pilates Stick is an innovative way to bring the exercises which were designed for the Tower and Cadillac to the mat.  Leg and Arm springs and straps are anchored to the wall with a special Pilates Stick Wall mount system.  The exercises will challenge your body to greater levels of control and strength.  Classes are limited to six clients, so pre-registration is required.


Beginner PIlates is designed for the client who has not tried Pilates and needs to learn the fundamentals on which to build their practice.  This class is for the clients who think they “can’t,” and it will be Clearly Pilates that shows you that you can.  Classes will focus on the basic movements of the Pilates Method and the Level I order.  Most, if not all exercises will be performed in the supine position.  Modifications will be given for those with physical limitations.  This class is a great way to start and to watch the transformation in how you look, and more importantly, how you feel.  

MELT, Spin®, Spin®-lates, Spin®-Yoga Classes

A towel will be provided for each bike.   Clients are encouraged to bring a water bottle and it can be filled (and refilled!) at the Clearly Pilates Water cooler.   PLEASE WEAR FITNESS OR CYCLE CLIP SHOES.  Our pedals can accommodate both.  

The MELT Method

MELT is a revolutionary approach to pain-free longevity that helps you stay healthy, youthful and active for a lifetime. This patent-pending, pro-active self-treatment technique is backed by science and acclaimed by thousands of devoted MELTers.

New research has revealed the missing link to pain-free living: a balanced nervous system and healthy connective tissue. These two components work together to provide whole-body support, protection, and mind-body communication. Exercise physiologist and connective tissue specialist Sue Hitzman has transformed groundbreaking neurofascial science and hands-on therapies into a one-of-a-kind treatment method called MELT.

Day-to-day living creates tension within our bodies. Physical stressors range from sitting at a desk to running a marathon. Carrying children and heavy bags creates trapped tension, as does even the gentlest form of exercise. Emotional, mental, and environmental stressors such as processed foods, medications, environmental toxins, and daily worries all build tension in the body.

New Science reveals that this “stuck stress” is literally trapped in our connective tissue, which surrounds every joint, muscle, nerve, bone and organ. Unaddressed trapped stress causes connective tissue dehydration and cellular damage. This creates a domino effect which begins with aches and stiffness and leads to common health issues such as neck and low back pain, headaches, insomnia, digestive problems, and injury. Accelerated aging and chronic health problems can follow…leaving us with limited options such as medicine, surgery, and sedentary lifestyle.

However, when the connective tissue is hydrated and free of roadblocks, our bodies function at a more optimal level. MELT is a breakthrough technique that keeps our connective tissue and nervous system in top condition and slows down the aging process. MELT rejuvenates tissue hydration and relieves the tension of day-to-day life that gets trapped in our bodies. No other proactive approach directly treats the connective tissue including nutrition, exercise, yoga, meditation, or vitamins.

MELT is easy to learn, backed by cutting-edge research, and offers immediate results that you will see and feel the first time you MELT. Changes in posture, flexibility, energy, mood, and performance occur within only a few sessions. Best of all, your body feels great long after you MELT!

MELT is for anyone who wants to slow down the aging process and live better, longer. For those in their 40′s, 50′s, 60′s and older who want to stay active, mobile and independent MELT is a must. MELT is for active younger adult and athletes who want to maintain a fit, toned body and achieve optimal performance without debilitating wear and tear.

MELT is truly for everyone! Even if you a pregnant, injured, post-surgery, overweight, sedentary, out of shape, have limited mobility, chronic pain, knee/hip replacements, or bone disorders- you can still MELT. It’s the best starting point for any exercise program.People who MELT regularly find that they want to exercise more often. It’s just more fun to move when your body feels good, has more energy and is free of pain.

MELT is unlike any other technique because it addresses and entirely different system of the body. MELT is to the neurofascial system (nervous and connective tissue system) what all other forms of exercise are to the musculoskeletal system. The science of the neurofascial system is being introduced to the health and fitness arena for the first time by Sue Hitzmann and MELT.


Spin®-lates combines the best of both worlds of fitness.  Burn fat and increase your cardiovascular endurance in Spin® and then leave the bike and go to the mat for a hard-core pilates mat session.  The only way to see that six pack is to burn away the tummy chub!  The session will end with stretching. 


This class is the perfect balance of power and peace and is designed to blast up to 500 calories per hour.  The combination of Spin® and Yoga will simultaneously strengthen and sculpt your entire body, especially arms and abs.  Thirty minutes of Spinning® precedes a flowing yoga class to optimize balance, flexibility and strength.  Open to all levels and perfect for busy bee fitness.


Spinning® classes offer a non-impact, highly effective way to build cardiovascular strength and endurance. Designed for all fitness levels, these classes offer a challenging opportunity to get your heart pumping, burn serious calories and will improve your over-all cardiovascular health with regular attendance.  A heart-rate monitor is highly recommended to maximize your experience.  Our trained Mad Dogg Spinning® Instructors will cue target heart rate throughout your riding experience.  Clearly PIlates has state of the art Spinner Pro Bikes with the computer read out that syncs with most heart rate monitors and provides heart rate, RPM, time and mileage read-outs.  Sign up online, as classes are limited to 7 clients.  We provide towels but please bring a water bottle, which you can fill up at our water cooler.   You may wear fitness shoes or cycle clip shoes, as our pedals can accommodate both.   

Buns and Guns (Spinning® and Body Blade®) 

Get a blast of cardio and precision sculpting in one class with Cardio Blast!  You will get your heart rate pumping with circuit training - alternating Spin® and Body Blade training.   This is a fast-paced, energetic session that is designed to make you melt the fat while you tone it ALL up.  This class is not intended for beginners.  Athletic or cycle shoes required.  A water bottle (we provide the water) is encouraged.  We provide the towel(s)!