Sign up and Costs

Class Sign up and Costs

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*Membership covers unlimited Spin®, Spin®-lates, Spin®-Stretch and Pilates Mat classes a month (limit one per day). Membership requires a six-month agreement.

Pilates Equipment classes and Private Sessions will include use of the Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Ladder/Barrel and Ped-a-pul. Each session is planned by your instructor and will offer a variety of exercises on one or more of the Pilates equipment per session, as well as some mat work.


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Clearly Pilates accepts checks, credit cards, cash or you may pay via PayPal with the link on the bottom of the "Class Schedule" page.  Checks may be made out to Clearly Pilates.  We are able to retain your credit card information on the MindBody system for your convenience, however we are not responsible if some genius hacks into MindBody and steals the info.    It is encrypted and so far, has been safe.   You decide.  

Clients may pre-pay into their account to recieve the non drop-in rate.  Clients may use the money in their 'bank" for Pilates Equipment,  Pilates mat, Spin and Fitness Fusion classes.   You may become a Member by paying $130 per month, and you receive unlimited group classes (max of one per day, a second class in a day is paid for at the discounted rate).  Membership requires a six-month commitment and a signed agreement, which is found on the MindBody site.  Pilates Equipment classes are not included in the membership.  Please read the weekly email, as CP does offer occasional monthly "specials,"  summer and student memberships.  

Private and Semi-private sessions may be scheduled on-line for classes which are regularly listed on the schedule.  If you wish to schedule a Semi-Private session that is not on the schedule, contact the owner via email or text. 

If you sign up for a Pilates Equipment Group class and fewer people sign up than the class permits, you will be charged at the rate of the actual class.  For example, if you sign up for a Triple Pilates Equipment class and only two people come, you will be charged at the duet rate.  If you are the only one, you will be charged for a Private lesson, and we will contact you beforehand to make sure that is ok with you.   

Cancellation Policy:  You will be charged the full amount of your class or session if you cancel the day of your class or session.  If you cancel the day before, but within 24 hours, you will be charged a small cancellation fee.  It is $10 for group classes and $25 for Pilates equipment sessions.  If you reschedule your Pilates equipment session within the same Monday-Sunday week, there will be no charge.  If, however, you are a "no show," or cancel when the instructor has already left their home to go to Clearly Pilates for your session, you will be charged $ for the full session.   Clients tend to only cancel for legitimate reasons (illness, called in to work, traffic, etc), and we understand that.  However, to be able to run our business, we cannot be put in the position of choosing which situations warrant a "pass," and which are charged.   We will be consistent with this policy.  

Student Summer Membership:  $230 for unlimited group mat, Spin® or Fusion classes (limit one per day and excludes group equipment classes)  for 90 days over summer break.  Membership may not be transferred, shared or prorated.   

extra stuff:

Please wear comfortable fitted fitness gear that won't gap or hang.  Your instructor needs to see your form, so oversized sweatshirts may be comfy, but they won't help us - help you find your perfect form.   Men and women who wear shorts MUST wear compression shorts under their shorts so that your instructor doesn't get an unintended "view."   So,  if you feel a breeze, then PLEASE cover it up.  We don't wear shoes in Pilates, but you may wear sticky socks.  If you are bare footed, please make sure your feet are clean.  We provide wipes in the reception area.   

You are encouraged to bring your own mat, although we do provide mats for those who don’t have one.  In an effort to do our part for the environment, we discourage plastic water bottles.  Please bring a re-usable water bottle and we have a cold water cooler in the kitchen.  We also have healthy snacks if you are ever feelng light headed and didn't have time to eat.  Just ask!   

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