Trainer Bios


Julie Trovato


Julie’s lifelong passion for physical fitness lead her to find the benefit of Pilates for her own movement and fitness. Julie has always had an appreciation for the balance of strength and flexibility. Julie pursued her interest in Pilates by becoming Peak  Comprehensive Certified Instructor and Mad Dogg Spinning Instructor. Most recently she has purchased the studio and is excited to carry on the Clearly Pilates commitment to excellence!

Julie is a fitness fanatic. As a mother of four, she has spent countless hours in the gym, on the field, cheering from the sidelines and helping to coach and organize her children’s various sporting activities.  After raising three Division-I athletes Julie continues to be involved with various sports teams in the Pittsburgh area and has a passion for giving back to the athletic community.

Judy Elias


Judy is a Peak Pilates® Comprehensive Certified Instructor and Mad Dogg Spinning® Instructor.  Peak Pilates® is an internationally recognized Pilates certification program.  This includes: Peak Pilates®  Mat Levels I, II and III, Peak Pilates®  Reformer and Cadillac Levels I, II and III and Peak Pilates® Chair and Barrel I and II.  Judy has successfully completed the Peak Pilates® Comprehensive Exam which is a nationally recognized certification test given by Peak.  Judy began Pilates with a certification through Power Pilates in New York in 2003 and then went on to complete her certification through Peak Pilates®.  Judy is also certified through AFAA in Group Exercise, Cycle, Zumba, Senior Fitness and Kettlebell, and has been teaching group classes and training private clients for 24 years.  Look for Judy on the local Moon Access Channel; she hosts a Pilates TV show! 

Kim O'Neill


Kim has had a lifetime relationship with fitness as a way to maintain her overall health through her personal commitment to running and weight lifting.  Kim taught aerobic classes as a teen and has run in many distance running races, including a half and full marathon.  Kim is a Peak Level I Pilates instructor and is working towards completing her Comprehensive Certification through Peak's internationally recognized education program.  Kim's energy motivates her clients to achieve progression that they never imagined.  She is our true believer and cheerleader!  Kim is also a Mad Dogg Spin instructor.  Kim fell in love with Spinning® after a running injury left her unable to maintain the mileage on the road.   Kim is excited about the opportunities Pilates and Spinning® can bring to improve the health and fitness of Clearly Pilates' clients.  Kim is the mother of three children and a military Mom, as her husband serves our Country in the United States Air Force.   (thank you for your service Lieutenant Colonel O'Neill) 



Clare Westwood

Clare is a Peak Pilates® Comprehensive Certified Instructor and Mad Dogg Spinning® instructor.  Peak Pilates® is an internationally recognized Pilates certification program.  This includes: Peak Pilates®  Mat Levels I, II and III, Peak Pilates®  Reformer and Cadillac Levels I, II and III, Peak Pilates®  Chair and Barrel I and II, Pilates Gym Stick and Peak Pilates®  MvE Chair Certifications.  Clare has successfully competed the Peak Pilates® Comprehensive Exam which is a nationally recognized certification test given by Peak.  Clare has been taking Pilates classes for over 18 years and has been training clients for 12 years.   Her client base ranges from beginners to professional athletes, stunt men and women and professional dancers. 

On the business side of things, Clare is a seasoned business professional, having worked in the Human Resource Management field for over a dozen years.  She has her Masters in Human Resource Management and has used her experience and education in managing her business. 

Clare recently went back to school to receive her certification from Cornell University in Plant-based Nutrition.   Her interest in total health led her to pursue how best to optimize energy and health while minimizing the chance for heart disease, diabetes and cancer.  The definitive answer is a whole food, plant-based eating plan.  Diets are a fad; good eating, as nature intended, is a way of life.   Clare would (obnoxiously so) be more than happy to help you on your journey to wellness by sharing what she learned, recipes and hints for incorporating this eating plan into your busy life.

Mara McClain

Mara began her commitment to fitness as a teenager doing Jazzercise and considered becoming an instructor. She hung up her leg warmers and leotard in college. She started Pilates to combat the back pain that comes with age which strength training didn’t address. Strengthening her core took away the back pain and she was a Pilates believer! Mara is a Peak Level 1 Pilates instructor and is work toward completing her Comprehensive Certification through Peak’s internationally recognized education program.

She is the mother of two children and two dogs and the wife of a Foodie thus the continued commitment to fitness. She walks, plays tennis, skis and spins.

Melanie Patience

Melanie Patience hails from the Caribbean island of Trinidad and is a Level 1 Peak Comprehensive Certified. She is pursuing her Level 2 Certification, and is currently an apprentice with the studio.

As a mother of four young children, Melanie understands how challenging it can be to find time for exercise (especially when sleep-deprived) and has found Pilates a gentle and effective way to recover from childbirth and those early postpartum months. The carry-over into everyday life and even the weight-lifting that has been a huge part of her lifestyle the last few years is what makes Melanie a lover of Pilates and she is excited to share this with you.

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Emily Skamla

Mad Dogg Spinning® Instructor. Emily has been training and working with clients for many years as a spin instructor and yoga instructor/enthusiast. She focuses on athletic performance, weight loss, injury prevention, and lifestyle fitness. As a certified Health Coach, Emily includes other healing modalities such as stretching, goal setting, and nutritional guidance into her whole picture lifestyle fitness approach. On an educational level, Emily has her BA in Public Health and is working on becoming a pilot for the airlines. Her athletic drive developed from teaching others and working on her own fitness aids in education and her business as a coach. Emily is an advocate and strong follower of a whole food plant based diet and mostly works with people to develop a healthy lifestyle plan incorporating this way of clean eating and working on their bodies through physical fitness. Emily would be more than happy to discuss a whole food plant based diet and offer coaching along with advice and direction.

Stephanie Gibbs

Stephanie is a Peak Pilates teacher from Atlanta, GA and former Division I volleyball player for the University of Alabama. After moving to the Pittsburgh area in 2015, she discovered her passion for Pilates while recovering from a serve low back injury. Pilates completely transformed her body, as she was able to avoid surgery and completely recover. She has been teaching for 4 years, completed her full comprehensive Peak Pilates certification in June of 2019, and is thrilled to join the Clearly Pilates team and bring the amazing life-changing benefits of Pilates to every body. When she is not in the studio you can find Stephanie gardening, being active outside, spending time with her animals, or cooking up delicious plant-based food. She cannot wait to see you all in class!